Atopia Wild Blossom

A natural distillate of citrus, herbs and spices allows a base flavour layer so distinctive flavours can shine through.

Natural extracts and flavours of lavender and apple allow a fruity, floral note to make way for the defining ingredient; water, infused with Applewood smoke. This ground-breaking ingredient gives a subtle smokiness to the spirit giving versatility and depth of flavour when mixing and in cocktails.

When you’re looking for something familiar yet unique, make yourself an Atopia & Tonic using Wild Blossom. Best enjoyed mixed with Mediterranean tonic, served with plenty of ice and a slice of apple.


Wild Blossom & Tonic


  • 50ml Wild Blossom Atopia
  • 150ml Fevertree Mediterranean Tonic


  • Glass: Highball
  • Ice: Cubed
  • Garnish: Green apple slice


  • Add all ingredients to glass over cubed ice.
  • Stir, top with fresh ice and garnish.