About Atopia

The ATOPIA liquid was created by Lesley Gracie, award-winning, Master Distiller at Hendrick's Gin. Lesley wanted to create an accessible yet special flavour profile to elevate the moderated drinking experience. Lesley comments:

“ATOPIA is a special liquid that uses our distilling and blending expertise to create a new generation of spirits. Inspired by the more mindful, lifestyle choices of today’s consumer, the exquisite liquid comes in two perfectly balanced flavours. The distillates have been selected and combined with care and precision, meaning you can pick out each flavour separately whilst no one flavour dominates over the other. We’ve used our distilling heritage and expertise to ensure no compromise on flavour is experienced when drinking the alcohol free spirit. The flavour is full, from first taste to finish.”

We believe when you choose to drink more mindfully, it shouldn’t mean a compromise on quality or taste. Atopia has been created and exquisitely crafted by our award winning master spirits distillers with generations of experience. It is distilled with natural ingredients and blended with natural flavours.

Savour the invigorating flavours of Atopia Spiced Citrus, Atopia Hedgerow Berry and Atopia Rhubarb & Ginger, we have a delicious range of cocktails for you to easily make at home and enjoy. Click here to discover cocktail recipes.

How best to drink Atopia Spiced Citrus

Perfectly served at home.

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