• 35ml Spiced Citrus Atopia
  • 10ml Monin Violette Syrup
  • 10ml Monin Hibiscus Syrup
  • 35ml Cranberry Juice


  • Add all ingredients to ice filled shaker and shake.
  • Strain into ice-filled glass and garnish.


  • Glass: Rocks
  • Ice: Cubed
  • Garnish: Edible flowers

Spirit without sacrifice

Atopia is mindfully made by master distiller Miss Lesley Gracie, the distilling artist behind Hendrick's Gin. Atopia is made from natural distillates, extracts and flavours to create a new generation of spirits.

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Atopia Spiced Citrus Ultra Low Alcohol Spirit

RRP £25.00 : 70cl : 0.5%ABV

A natural distillate of orange, juniper, coriander, angelica root and lemon, forms the foundation of the spirit. Best enjoyed mixed with tonic water, served with plenty of ice and a slice of orange.

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Spiced Citrus Hibiscus & Violet

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